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Onsite Management.

Benefits of Onsite Management.

Without a doubt, onsite management has a substantial advantage over traditional property management by outside agents. Our point of difference is that we’re onsite, so you can have peace of mind that your investment is being carefully looked after.


Your dedicated Property Manager is always onsite and on hand

Our dedicated onsite team operate directly from the premises, meaning fast, efficient responses to any concerns – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A level of commitment that’s unmatched in the industry. It also means there is always someone there to monitor apartment condition and tenant behaviour.

Our team knows the building, inside out and upside down

Our onsite team spend more time in the building than anyone else. As their primary place of work, it’s our prerogative to have each building operating at its peak at all times.

Walk-in viewings mean minimal vacancy rates

Time and time again we have tenants simply walk-in and enquire about current listings and vacancies. We can quickly assess their needs and provide immediate services (and sometimes access) to apartments that are vacant or coming up for rent in the immediate future. Prompt onsite action results in properties being leased as quickly as possible.

Largest Rental Roll in the building

We manage the majority of the rental apartments in each of our buildings. This means we can place the right tenants in the right apartment while maximising returns for our landlords.

Premium rents can be achieved via onsite benefit to tenants

Tenants often prefer to deal directly with an onsite property manager, for ease of maintenance requests, concierge services and general enquiries. This added benefit to tenants attracts higher rental rates meaning a better investment return for you.

We are also the Caretaker and Building Manager

Our onsite team includes professional maintenance staff, trade management and administrative staff who are all available to provide prompt attention to tenant and landlord needs. Whether it be a leaking tap, electrical matter or even a locked-out tenant, our staff are there ready and willing to take and attend to those calls in need. We also have 24 hour access to all building security footage.

The Building is our Business

We have dedicated property managers and services teams at each of our buildings. This means we are already onsite to deal with any issue, matter or enquiry without the need travel or schedule appointments.

Realty Services Group is financially invested in each building

Unlike traditional property managers, RSG’s onsite management team also have ‘skin in the game’ and are financially invested in each of the buildings. This means our interests are completely aligned with yours, ensuring the management of the building and each individual apartment is looked after as if it were our own.

Do you require Onsite Management Services?

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